Enchanted Children's Gifts

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About Us

Is there a more exciting time in your child's life than the night before Christmas? Or, the excitement our children feel when they lose their tooth and the tooth fairy will be visiting? Embrace these heartwarming times in your children's lives by sharing some of these wonderful Enchanted Gifts with them.

Our Founders

Enchanted Children's Gifts is a family run business founded by a mother, daughter and daughter in law team, Joan Dinan, Melissa Pirosko and Erin Dinan. Our vision is to create products that will enhance the magic of childhood, start family traditions, and encourage children to use their imaginations. We wanted to share some of our traditions with all families.

Joan Dinan was a school teacher for 25 years. She taught elementary school and thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Reindeer Treats tradition with her classes and grandchildren over the years. She is the author of the book Will Santa Come Tonight? Joan resides in the Pittsburgh area.

Melissa Pirosko is the daughter of Joan Dinan and mother to four young daughters. She loves watching the magic in her children's eyes around Christmas as well as during all holidays. She has enjoyed sprinkling Enchanted Reindeer Treats with her daughters since her oldest daughter was very young. She has also seen the excitement in the girls eyes as they go to bed with a new "lost" tooth tucked into the pocket of their tooth fairy pillow certain that the tooth fairy will visit their home that night. She loves watching the wonder and excitement in her children and hopes some of these magical gifts will bring even more wonder and excitement to your children's lives. Melissa also resides in the Pittsburgh area.

Erin Dinan, Aunt to 11 nieces and nephews, and soon to be mom loves watching all of the children sprinkle Enchanted Reindeer Treats in their pajamas just before bed. She also loves the excitement of the tooth fairy and all of the magical events in children's lives. She is looking forward to starting these traditions with her new family very soon. Erin resides in the San Francisco area.

Note From the Author

I wanted to share a family tradition that grew out of my teaching second grade in Peters Township for the past twenty years. As Christmas approached, no matter how good a child was, every second grader was always concerned that they had been "good enough" for Santa to come. So each year, I would have them write letters to Santa sharing all the ways that they had tried to be good. After we mailed the letters, the children were directed to sprinkle Enchanted Reindeer Treats on their lawn right before they went to bed on Christmas Eve, because everyone knows that the "glow of the crystals in the moonlight and the aroma of the oats" will guide Santa's reindeer directly to your home. Voila! In all my years of doing this, it has NEVER failed!

Now everyone can embrace the magic of the season and start a delightful holiday tradition by sharing the heartwarming, humorous story of a mom who gently reassures her young child of how hard she has "tried" to be good. When the child is just about convinced, mom wisely suggests a final activity of sprinkling Enchanted Reindeer Treats that lead Santa directly to their home.